A first look on Path of Exile from a Diablo lover.

If i was a cosplayer I’d love to make a cosplay of this beauty!!!

Diablo 2 was one of my first game ever. I played it with my dad cause the game scared me. Hey! Don’t judge me!!! I was only 9 or 10 years old!

It was scary but it was fascinating to fight demons with a character who gain power and power to destroy easily the monsters who kill you in a snap of fingers some time ago.

Since Diablo 3 is out I played all the seasons and I love this game so much but the internet and most of my friend tell me there is a way better game than Diablo 3, Path of Exile.

I just tried it, I only played 6 hours I’ll give you my first impressions.

The screen where you chose your character looks like the diablo 2 one. I’ll check all the character but they don’t have the same charisma than in Diablo. Well I laugh when i saw the Maraudeur have the same tatous than the Barbarian in Diablo 2. I took the Shadow, maybe because I have a soft spot for bad guys?

In this games, almost all the stuff have sockets. The spell depend of the gems you’ll put in it. Some gems can modify other gems. But can all the “classes” have the sames spells?

the characters are differentiated by their passive tree and this tree is just massive! o.O

With this two mechanics I see all the richness of the game and i know why my friend tell me this game is “better than” Diablo 3. But I think it could be ridiculously complex. This game will require a lot of investment where the fun of diablo is immediate.

Other point that I dont like about POE is the story. it so borring. The story of Diablo 3 is not way better but the staging is everything.

I will continue to see if PoE can break the spell that Diablo put on me since my childhood.

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