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Writing stuff

Why I write:

I have loved reading and the worlds of the imaginary since my earliest childhood. Very quickly, I wanted to write my own stories. At my parents’ house I have tons and tons of notebooks to prove it, but I’ve always been apprehensive about sharing them. Today I open this page to take a first step forward, thus revealing myself hoping that you like it and to have some feedback to know if I am not too bad.

I hope you will enjoy reading my little stories :

The legend of Lilfire

This week, I’m bringing you something a little different than usual. My cousin Alice had an accident. She’s fine but she has a broken leg and was entitled to a long recovery time so to keep her busy I offered her a little collaboration. She illustrated this story and the story you are about to … Continue reading The legend of Lilfire

The color of water

Today is suicide prevention day. Following the suicide of a friend some years ago, I told you about my attempt. Today I just take this opportunity to pay homage to her with this little unpretentious fiction. The color of water The water seemed beautiful to her, Maggie planted her tiptoe there. After three long hours … Continue reading The color of water


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