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Writing stuff

Why I write:

I have loved reading and the worlds of the imaginary since my earliest childhood. Very quickly, I wanted to write my own stories. At my parents’ house I have tons and tons of notebooks to prove it, but I’ve always been apprehensive about sharing them. Today I open this page to take a first step forward, thus revealing myself hoping that you like it and to have some feedback to know if I am not too bad.

I hope you will enjoy reading my little stories :

Ethereal Stories: Tear

Today I offer you a science fiction story inspired by the latest IPCC reports. It’s not very optimistic. For me it is high time that we move our ass to act but I have the impression that most world leaders do not give a damn because it won’t affect their generation.I promise I’ll try to … Continue reading Ethereal Stories: Tear

Ethereal Stories: Rebirth

A personal version of my favorite Andersen tale. I hope you will like it. Rebirth I I am different. I have always been. For my mother, it’s as if I were an extra-terrestrial. But having no place among those hanging around on a mound of dirt doesn’t seem so bad, when you have the whole … Continue reading Ethereal Stories: Rebirth


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