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Cinema and me:

to become a director. I tried but it was horrible, worse than “Plan 9 from Outer Space” but I do not despair one day of making some short films but for now I just watch them. I love to analyze and talk about them so I take this page to tell you about some films that I particularly like .

I hope you will find some interesting things here:

Bis Repertita: Bis cinema

I really like cinema in general with a preference for science fiction and fantasy, but I haven’t talked too much about a type of cinema that I particularly like, Bis cinema. Alright, but what is Bis cinema? Let’s go back to four names that may come up often in the future if I want to … Continue reading Bis Repertita: Bis cinema

The history of TV Shows

Before becoming the dominant audiovisual format that we know today, recognized by some as the 8th art, offering us many and many heroes accompanying us on a daily basis for several years and on several platforms, tv series made their timid appearance long after the cinema. It was at the end of the 1940s that … Continue reading The history of TV Shows

The Wheel of Time

On November 19, a series on Prime Video is released adapting a book series that I love: The Wheel of Time and I am both impatient and at the same time afraid of the result. On the other hand, I found The Witcher cheap on the trailers and I expected the worst but even if … Continue reading The Wheel of Time

Fear Street 1994

“Fear Street” is basically a series of books in the line of “Goosebumps” but more adult, at the same time we find the same author: R.L. Stine. “Fear Street 1994”, available on Netflix, is therefore an adaptation of those books, which I haven’t read, so it’s impossible for me to say if the story is … Continue reading Fear Street 1994

Mortal Komnat 2021

After a quick spicy bolognese sauce, I embark on this long awaited Mortal Kombat new version and without, I reassure you, a cameo of the unbearable Christophe Lambert. Too busy looking for a role in a Tintin in Congo on the stage. Between fatalities and action scenes as edgy as they are boosted, the Mortal … Continue reading Mortal Komnat 2021

We are all fragments

after an experience gone awry, Seth Brandle turns into a fly. And, as his body loses its integrity, which becomes something else, Seth Brandle constitutes the Seth Brandle Museum. A museum of spare parts, pieces of bodies that have bowed out. A museum entirely dedicated to what he was until then. Seth Brandle deconstructs himself … Continue reading We are all fragments


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