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Tandoori Chicken

Hello dear readers, I’m back! I needed a little time for my family and for myself but I’m coming back to you to take care of this blog which despite everything I was starting to miss.For my return I offer you something to prepare a good little meal for the beautiful days to come. On … Continue reading Tandoori Chicken

Colombo-style grills

Today we were supposed to organize a barbecue with my friends. (yes we were a bit optimistic) and unfortunately the weather wasn’t good (it was predictable) so I had to cook everything in the oven but we ate well anyway.In short, I offer you a very simple little recipe that changes a little from the … Continue reading Colombo-style grills

Ethereal Stories: Tear

Today I offer you a science fiction story inspired by the latest IPCC reports. It’s not very optimistic. For me it is high time that we move our ass to act but I have the impression that most world leaders do not give a damn because it won’t affect their generation.I promise I’ll try to … Continue reading Ethereal Stories: Tear


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