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How Star Trek Uniforms Became Iconic

Bright reds, blues and golds. This is how the saga defines the uniforms of the Starfleet crew in the “Star Trek” series in 1966. We owe them to costume designer William Ware Theiss, responsible for interpreting the vision of the United Federation of Planets by Gene Roddenberry , the creator of the series. “Roddenberry wanted…

Ex-Zodiac a Starfox in 60 fps!

As a child, I often watched my dad and my brother play old game consoles like the Super Nintendo and the Megadrive (Genesis) and among other things they played rail shooters like Starfox and Space Harrier. These are shooting games (shoot them up in back view) in a ship (or with a jetpack for Space…

What is like to be Deaf?

If you ask me what is like to be Deaf?Imagine when the world is silentAll of sudden, your 5th sense notices the small details in the silent worldBeing Deaf is full of silence.No chirps. No waves crushing. No breeze blowing. No raindrops, No laughs, and sounds that make you vibrant.But.We see birds chirping, blue waves…

The Scoobygang

For today I offer you a short presentation of my main characters. Clair Beaumont Claire is Danish and although she has been living in Canada for a while now she has kept a slight accent. She was adopted at the age of 9 but says very little about her life before. She always wears a…

I’m embarking on a novel project.

It’s been a few weeks since I started writing a story that I planned to post to you this week but my brain is racing with ideas and my story is getting longer and longer. After reading my first drafts and now that I had become attached to the characters, Grandma pushed me to go…

Pasta risotto

Yes good Ok, this is not a diet recipe but I just wanted a comforting recipe! Ingredients: Production: Take care of yourself and your loved one and see you soon!


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