Tonight is a big night!

Ready for having fun tonight!

Tonight I spend the New Year’s Eve at the home of my boyfriend’s parents. It is the first time I meet them. Well in fact his dad his my french teacher so I already met him. But it’s not really the same circumstances.

I’m so damn nervous. No! I’m afraid! I’m freaking terrified!!! May be I should cancel, pretending I’m sick? It seems that there is a beginning of flu epidemic right now… I told you I’m a shy person?

Well I have to recover and breath. and if something goes wrong, I have a big basket of brioches for relaxing atmosphere ( thanks Grand Ma for the recipe!). Fuck, maybe I should have added some weed to maximize the effect ? I hope it’s going well! >.<

Now I go back to breath in a bag until my taxi is here!

Any way I wish you all a happy new year eve!

PS: Wish me luck!

Author: Corona

A danish deaf girl infused with tea the morning, Corona the evening (the beer not the virus!) and addicted to cookies all the time! PS: Don't let me my phone or camera when I'm bored!

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