My little deaf life.

My little deaf life
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Hi, I’m deaf!

As a deaf girl who live in a world of earing people I wanna speak about my deafness and situation that deaf and hard of earing people live day by day for both to make hearing people aware of our difficulties but also to show that even if you have a disability, life goes on and that you can still do very well in life.

Life in the skin of a deaf girl:

Some News

I come back to you to give you new information. I found a place to stay. My friend Priya has offered to host me and my cats in a roommate! I met Priya by chance on a forum about deafness at the very beginning of the COVID lockdowns. She is a psychologist and was looking … Continue reading Some News

Living with me means:

Accepting that: I make noise, the doors slam when you get up, the vacuum cleaner at 2 a.m., footsteps all day, the barking dog, startle everyone present when I turn on my computer because I did not see that the volume was turned up fully, accept to wear earplugs and that the walls shake when … Continue reading Living with me means:

My suicide attempt.

This article is going to be about suicide and if it is a very triggering subject for you, which I can obviously understand, then do not hesitate to withdraw from the article so that you can take care of your well-being. Earlier this year, I lost a childhood friend and today is suicide prevention day, … Continue reading My suicide attempt.

Nyx deaf guide dog

In general, people have heard of guide dogs for the blind, but did you know that there are guide dogs for the deaf? Nyx is one of them, she helps me in everyday life, she is my ears. But how can she help me?Well here are some small examples: She can warn me when someone … Continue reading Nyx deaf guide dog

Deaf-hearing couples.

This is just a little personal reflection, on a question that I am often asked at the association: “How does it happen in a romantic relationship between a deaf and a hearing person?” I speak here only from my point of view and my own feelings. I do not pretend to have absolute knowledge, on … Continue reading Deaf-hearing couples.

Does it make noise?

Today I found my friend Pia !!! We went to my deaf club to join a group of teenagers whose parents work. Yes, we played nannies, but in exchange, there was pizza!Two of them, Tadeus and Morganne, are newly implanted so the discussion turned to their new ability to hear. And I must say that … Continue reading Does it make noise?

Knock Down the beards!

Today, I got up with a sore throat so I went to the doctor. My usual generalist being on vacation, I was received for a substitute doctor. When he picked me up in the waiting room, I realized it was going to be complicated. I found myself in front of a Zztop! Ok I’m exaggerating … Continue reading Knock Down the beards!


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