My little deaf life.

I hope you’ll like it guys!

A woman tried to throw her hot coffee in my face at dog park!

Ok, that was 1 hours ago. I took Nyx out and took him to the dog park. There, a woman, her companion and their dog were about to enter. Of course Nyx was very happy to meet a new friend. She was like wagging her tail and waiting for that dog to be unleashed, when […]

Living with me means:

Accepting that: I make noise, the doors slam when you get up, the vacuum cleaner at 2 a.m., footsteps all day, the barking dog, startle everyone present when I turn on my computer because I did not see that the volume was turned up fully, accept to wear earplugs and that the walls shake when […]

Nyx deaf guide dog

In general, people have heard of guide dogs for the blind, but did you know that there are guide dogs for the deaf? Nyx is one of them, she helps me in everyday life, she is my ears. But how can she help me?Well here are some small examples: She can warn me when someone […]

Deaf-hearing couples.

This is just a little personal reflection, on a question that I am often asked at the association: “How does it happen in a romantic relationship between a deaf and a hearing person?” I speak here only from my point of view and my own feelings. I do not pretend to have absolute knowledge, on […]

Does it make noise?

Today I found my friend Pia !!! We went to my deaf club to join a group of teenagers whose parents work. Yes, we played nannies, but in exchange, there was pizza!Two of them, Tadeus and Morganne, are newly implanted so the discussion turned to their new ability to hear. And I must say that […]

Difficult to be deaf in times of Corona virus.

For 3 months, with all these masks in the street, I have the impression of living in an episode of Naruto. Yes, you should be happy if you are a manga fan, but personally I find it oppressive!Ok it’s hard for everyone to live, I understand that it’s complicated for everyone, but imagine that when […]

Knock Down the beards!

Today, I got up with a sore throat so I went to the doctor. My usual generalist being on vacation, I was received for a substitute doctor. When he picked me up in the waiting room, I realized it was going to be complicated. I found myself in front of a Zztop! Ok I’m exaggerating […]

The Deaf Club: The importance of the deaf community.

Today I went to the hospital, do not panic, it’s nothing serious. I’m going to see someone like Mete, the director of my “Deaf Club”, as we call it, a place where our deaf community can meet to talk, help and organize activities … ask me to meet. His name is Lars, 15 years old. […]

A good joke: A phone call when you are deaf.

Today, in my bus I received a phone call, coming from my school … Strangely, I could not answer. I found myself a little stupid to see my phone ring without being able to pick up and see at the end of the ringtones the small logo indicating a voice message. Maybe I’m a little […]

Some absurd situations of a deaf life!

After a little blunder this morning, which made me feel very silly, but I found it very funny, I thought that sharing with you this little kind of incident could be fun and at the same time is a roundabout way of talking about my daily life. If you like it, I’ll post others later. […]

A week in my deaf life

Monday (Mandag): I wake up thanks to the vibrator on my phone. I gently release the arm that surrounds my waist and head to the bathroom. Shower, dressing, makeup. And I go down to prepare the breakfast with Kælen one of our cat. Yeah I know it’s not very feminist to always cook but if […]

Cochlear implant or no cochlear implant, that is the question!

Saturday I met a cousin of my boyfriend. Julie, a very nice girl, and very curious, who paused me a lot of questions about my deafness, how deaf I was, what I felt when I lost my hearing, my percentage of deafness … Why I’m not implanted … She spoke of a cochlear implant. I’m […]


As you know, or maybe not, if you are new on my blog, I’m deaf. I just create this page because I have some deaf or hard of earing people visitors on my blog and I think it will be easier for them or for curious people to see all my related post here.

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