I have a story in mind for a novel (or comics) for young adults. It’s a little concept from my main character Izaline.

Need to be finish.

Izaline was born under strange conditions into a sect whose members call themselves “the Zealots”.
Within them and with twelve other children like her, she learned hand-to-hand combat, stabbing and fighting against supernatural beings.

After yet another traumatic event, she fled at the age of 12.

Today she is 24 years old but has not aged since she was 19. How will she manage to hide her powers and her identity, how will she use her powers? Will she succeed in escaping the Zealots? will she discover the secret of her origins? …

A trip in Denmark? Go to visit Christiania, the real Wonderland.

In my city of hearts, Copenhagen, there is a unique place in all of Europe, the district of Christiania on the island of Christianshavn.
Christiania is a singular place in the sense where for 40 years it was a self-managed city included in the city of Copenhagen, with its own currency, its laws and its flag.

In 1971, after the destruction of the former military base of Bådsmandsstræde (barracks of the princess in Danish), the journalist Jacob Ludvigsen declared the opening of the “free city”.
The goal was to create a self-managed, financially self-sustaining society where each individual would take care of their neighbor and the entire community, to fight physical and psychological misery.

Founded by Hippies, the district is known for its free sale of cannabis and other culinary specialty containing it. Although hard drugs have always been banned (as well as cars and guns, which is not the case in the rest of the country). their consumption led to banishment (which is always the case). It is this flexibility on recreational products that will cause its end.
Indeed, social experience will have held until 2013, after its special statu was withdrawn by the parliament.

In fact, I advise you not to buy pastries or lollipops, you could have surprises!
The stalls selling cannabis and other products have never really disappeared, it is just forbidden to photograph them.

Christiania is today a very lively and festive district, the houses are colorful, there is many street shows and concerts. Finally, there are many bars, restaurants and theaters at a much more affordable price than in any Copenhagen.
It’s not about drugs (I do not use them), but for all its other aspects Christiania is my Wonderland.

My first time with video games!

Thanks to Eric for the music on the video.^^

I had to play video games once or twice before, I think I remember a game of Guitar Hero and Mario Party but it was very rare. It was mostly daddy and my brother who monopolized the console.
The moment I became a gamer was after my accident.

When I left the hospital, following the loss of my hearing and that of my mother, I fell into depression (anorexia, bulimia, black idea …). So I was interned in a “rest home” to help me. The days were long and monotonous. After a few days, Papa brought me a Nintendo DS with 3 games, which made my days in this sinister place: “Mario & Luigi: bowser’s inside story”, “Mario Kart”, but the one on which I spending the most time during my stay was:

Final Fantasy Tactics A2:

It’s a Tactics Rpg, a turn-based game that is very similar to a board game. I think that’s what hooked me at first, then it was the colorful and enchanting world that gave me a lot more.
My playing time was regulated by the medical staff, the fact that the game is composed of multiple small level was very practical. 🥰
I just had time to finish it before going home. A game that I loved, although I have to admit that the story is a little silly, but I think that at the moment I did it, it was exactly what I needed to empty my head.

Since then, I have been transformed into a geek, I developed a particular taste for Nintendo’s portable consoles and I became eager to learn more about video games in general.

And you, how did you become a Gamer?

Museum of the strange 1: Minotaur from George Frederick Watts.

In literature, painting or cinema, even in comic strips, I have always been attracted to what challenges, what disturbs or makes us ask questions.
Today it rains and often when there is a storm, it seems to have the night in daylight.
Having finished a presentation for my art class, I wanted to talk about painting and the atmosphere of today make me want to write a series of small articles on Pictures hiding a story.

Welcome to this virtual museum of the strange.

I’ve always loved the mythological fig of the Minotaur and I admire the painter who did this painting, but I would have preferred his story to tell us about cute unicorns and kittens! T.T

This beautiful painting was painted by George Frederick Watts in 1885
it represents the iconic figure of the Minotaur. Greek mythology tells that every year seven young men and seven young women were sent as sacrifices to the bull-headed man. The boat that took the unfortunate was leaving Athens and finishing its fatal crossing on the island of Crete. In this painting, the Minotaur is on a parapet that overhangs its labyrinth and watches for the arrival of sacrificed.

The painting itself is striking for the point of view it offers and the control of watts. But this work was done in one night by the artist after reading a tribune published the day before in the Pall Mall Gazette entitled: “Maiden tribute of modern Babylon. “.
This article discusses the scandal of child prostitution in the lowlands of the city of London. In his investigation, journalist William Steed speaks of the notables who exploits the innocence and misery of London’s youth. about them he will have his frightening sentences:

“The appetite of the London Minotaur is insatiable. If the common people are to be served as sweets offered to the passion of the rich, let them at least reach an age where they can understand the nature of the sacrifice they are asked to make. “

At stake is the age limit of sexual consent for English teenagers who will go from 13 to 16 years old this year.

Accustomed to passing moral messages in his painting, Watts will portray his hungry and sexed Minotaur, in reference to this article. In the monster’s fist a crushed bird symbolizes the innocence and purity of youth, stifled by bestiality and lust. Watts will later explain that his purpose with this painting had been to hold the beastly and brutal to the point of execration.
Mission accomplished George Frederick. By mixing such a serious social problem with such a powerful mythological figure, he gives an unparalleled dimension to his subject.

Well, now I’m going to look for videos of kittens.