The Scoobygang

For today I offer you a short presentation of my main characters.

Clair Beaumont

Claire is Danish and although she has been living in Canada for a while now she has kept a slight accent. She was adopted at the age of 9 but says very little about her life before. She always wears a ribbon or a necklace to hide a scar she has on her neck that she is ashamed of. Being rather discreet, some of her teachers suspect her of just doing enough to stay in the average of the class while thinking that she could do much better. Physically she likes her blue eyes but, if she doesn’t find herself naughty, she is very plain and lacks a lot of self-confidence.
She has trouble sleeping some nights because of bad dreams that torment her.

Her friendship with Caleb and Willa means a lot to her, it is both a strength and a weakness because she fears revealing her attraction and feelings for Willa.

Caleb Gutierez

Caleb’s mom suffered from drug addiction when she was pregnant which caused a heart defect in him. He is awaiting a transplant. That mom abandoned him after diving back when he was 5 years old.
Despite that, he is good at basketball and plays the drums wonderfully.
He is very attached to his half-sister even if they happen to bicker. He’s been secretly in love with Claire since she moved in across the street from them about 8 years ago.
He is very sensitive to the animal cause and does not eat meat.

Willa Gutierez

Willa is the result of a one-night stand between her dad and her mom while her dad was married to another woman. Sometimes she tells herself that if she hadn’t been born, her daddy would still be with his wife.
She knew her mother very little, she died in a car accident when Willa was 3 years old. This is surely a point that made her feel close to Claire when she learned that she had just been adopted when they met. Being of the same age, they quickly became very close to each other.
Willa is a very intuitive and intelligent person. She loves problems and puzzles to solve. If she ties her hair with the ribbon in her pocket, she will certainly find the solution.
Willa loves singing and dancing
She has been dating the captain of the basketball team for 2 years.


Tango is the most important member of the team he uh… no I’m kidding, he’s just a dog. It is the dog of Mr. Gutierez the father of Willa and Caleb, this one working a lot Caleb and Willa often have to go out for walks Tango in fact it is more Tango who walks them.
His greatest talents are sleeping, eating and urinating on the parking meters.

I hope so much you will like them!

Take care of yourself and your loved one and see you soon!

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