Some absurd situations of a deaf life!

After a little blunder this morning, which made me feel very silly, but I found it very funny, I thought that sharing with you this little kind of incident could be fun and at the same time is a roundabout way of talking about my daily life. If you like it, I’ll post others later.

Does it works?

This morning I vacuumed the apartment. I plugged it in and went everywhere, then coming back to the kitchen to put it in the closet, I saw some crumbs on the floor. I was fine to pass it again and again but they were still there … I pass the hand at the end of the pipe and I realize that it does not suck! Does my vacuum cleaner work? Well I did not press very well the on / off button! >.<

I love administrative procedures!

At the start of the next school year, I go to study in France for a year and suddenly I have plenty of small administrative procedures to do, and make administrative steps when you’re deaf is not easy. Especially when you spend the morning waiting in line and the person at the ticket office tells you to call at a particular place, it left me a little perplexed, even if it was not the first time. If we move is that we can not really do otherwise.
Can not you call? Ask your spouse; father or friend to help you …
I do not like to ask this kind of things, it always makes me feel uncomfortable, we do not necessarily want to be a burden for our loved ones. The administrative procedures is already not very funny then impose them to others …

Dear Mr Ferguson!

At the gymnasium (high school in Denmark) I had a plastic art teacher who was a bit up and not paying much attention to the world around him. One day he asked us to do an exercise that I did not understand the instructions. I asked him to repeat, but I still did not understand. So I asked him to repeat, but this time he was back so I asked him again to repeat and he said to me:

“But are you deaf or what?
– Well yes I am sir!

He made me full of excuses. And I admit that it was rather funny after all.

Totally Spies!

In a slightly lighter tone, I remember once when I was taking the bus with Erik, my boyfriend and a deaf friend. There was a class of young children who had to go on a school trip. I did not pay attention to them, too busy that I was signed with my friend while trying not to fall every time the driver brakes, it is a very dangerous activity to be standing in a bus on the move and signing at the same time!
Coming off the bus, Erik giggled, I did not understand why.
He explained to us that the children were taken aback to see us speak in sign language and that some of them thought we should be spies speaking a coded language. Yeah I know it’s cool!

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