Robocop 3

Launched, from the production of the second opus, the story of the creation and release of the film Robocop 3 is a disaster scenario all by itself.
We asked Frank Miller for a script first, then we went to find an inexperienced director in feature film, in the person of Fred Dekker, who as a big fan of the first part, tried to put his heart to the book to not disappoint.

The problem is that, as for the second film, Robocop is now synonymous with marketing and merchandising, The producers then asked to relax the script to make it a public movie. When Peter Waller was asked to take over the role of the robot, he refused and a new actor was found in the presence of Robert Burk, who later played Agent Pierce Tiler in the excellent Oz series. Nancy Allen accepted, but only if her character died in the first act and to top it off, Orion went bankrupt during the production of The Addams Family (heart with the hands). And the film waited on a shelf for 2 years, before being able to go out in theaters. What was funny then is that when Robocop 3 reached the big screens, the game was available for 2 years in the arcades. What was less funny was the reaction of critics and the public, which was the fate of the robot man in the cinema until the remake of 2014.

In short, I see you already sharpen your knives, surely waiting for you, after having descended the second part to that I disassemble this feature film. Well we will see.

Synopsis of the film:

The film begins with an advertisement retracing the dream of the old man at the head of the OCP, aka the return of Delta city. Then go back through a newscast, telling the story of Detroit until now … well now in the movie, not now now.
Finally, we learn that a Japanese firm named Kanemitsu has bought the OCP.

The next scene shows us a little girl doing mathematics of a level far too high for her age.
Let’s say that his father is played by the official Kurt Russel look-alike, but for a fairly modest family, living in the old unhealthy neighborhoods of Old Detroit, they still have the money to buy a state-of-the-art computer!

We have no time to think about all his beautiful questions that a demolition ball reduces their habitat to nothing. And the family is expelled without notice in the calm of a civil war. Like Fivel, the little one finds her separated from her family.
In parallel with this tearful scene, we also see CCH Pounder get beaten in front of number 12 the nasty Arian of the film. And that’s when it’s all exploding that we find out that in fact it’s the leader of a resistance group named Martha Washington, sorry Bertha Washington (Martha Washington is a Heroine of a comic from Frank Miller).
Chance doing things well, this one collects the girl of the beginning.
This cell of resistance is composed, among others, of the president of the films of Mickael Bay and the commander Spangler of Malcom in the Middle.

In short our team is stopped by ed209 which is found very quickly hacked by the girl and who will serve a minute later to destroy a whole team of rehabilitation as they call it. Alas we will not see the robot again. Note also the presence of Scart socket on the machine. Proof that this is an outdated technology.

Some scenes later we come across an Anne Lewis chewing gum version during the brakage of a coffee shop.

And after 20 minutes of film, a car squeaks its tires on the roof of a car park and launches into the void. She landed on her 4 wheels (but I doubt that the suspensions have survived). And Robocop breaks the roof of his car to make his entry! And in addition he stops a bullet between his thumb and his index! Ok, this is the most badasse scene of the movie.

In reality Robocop 3 is not the bad film so much decried by the fans even if this one is far from being a masterpiece.
In fact the real problem is that it does not happen much. The action scene is a deep boredom, as robocop’s truck pursuit into Barbie’s car.

In summary ?

  • The bad guy shoots,
  • Robocop shoots
  • The bad guy shoots
  • Robocop shoots
  • The bad guy throws money
  • Robocop loses the bad guy.

In the rest of the film, Robocop goes to help the resistance, while the OCP wants to destroy everything. And the film parallels a humanist Robocop rescuing disowned resistors from their lands, with OCP villain becoming him a real war machine and in the middle there is an android ninja named Otomo Surely in reference to Katsuhiro Otomo and in reference to Frank Miller’s Ronin too.
The police surrender their badges and join the resistance.

Okay it does not happen, but I can not hate this movie.In 1991, it was one of the first times that Hollywood was referring to martial arts movies, it was only in 1993 that John Who came from Hong Kong.In the Final the story is a crippled soldier who finds himself in spite of himself in a history of land expropriation and will eventually take part for the inhabitants, helped by the professor who rebuilt him and rebelled against a villain haired white.(But … But it’s the same story as James Cameron’s Avatar!)

Well, I think it’s cool as a story. And then Robocop, makes everything explode in Jet Pack!

And then there are plenty of references to the first film, and of course, knowing that it would never get to the ankle of the first film, the director did the opposite of Robocop 2. Instead of doing in auction, more gore, more violent … He just tried to convey an optimistic message.I also admit having liked the animated sequence mocking the marketing service. And that of the journalist who refuses to say propaganda in full direct.Not to mention the funny jokes, like the punk who do not know how to put on his helmet with his crests.

The film is flawed but it is full of good intentions with a humanist message and can also be seen as an unofficial adaptation of Martha Washington comics.

Robocop 2

As prophesied in the first part, Robocop is now available in all forms: Cartoons, video games, toys …
And inevitably a new opus was started, Robocop 2, subtitled: “Subtlety, I write your name in letters of blood! “

Forget the first part, here we make a sequel, more direct and more violent, the fault being incumbent on the principal screenwriter, the finesse embodied: Frank Miller. And do not tell me that his scenario was bridled or changed, if we read the original scenario little has changed.

Our film starts with what appears to be an action scene but no, in fact it is an advertisement presented by Daniel Klamp from Grimlins 2.

Again we chained on a newscast that explains that after the threats of the first film, the police strike, the remaining agents facing angry citizens including a John Carpenter look-alike. Of course in his remaining cops we find our new Robocop with new suit that is always team with the … new face Loreal? My god, agent Lewis, but how do you keep this impeccable brushing despite wearing the helmet all day?

The television news also shows us the new scourge of the movie, Nuke, a brand new drug that is raging in the beautiful neighborhoods of a strait reminiscent of the current Los Angeles. Fortunately Robocop is still there to clean up and rid Detroit of his bandits with his new musical theme written by Leonard Rosenman, which has significantly twisted the ears of people watching the movie with me.

I forgot to say that Robocop became super creepy by spying on his wife who had made a new life in the previous movie but here she is still called Murphy, surely to facilitate public understanding?
He thus searches for traces of his past and we discover here the big theme of the film to know if Robocop is a man or a machine.
In the end, Murphy tells his wife that the “real” Murphy is dead and we will not hear about it anymore. His wife will only be seen again in the next film.

We learn that the decline of Detroit is organized by our friends OCP, who want to ruin the city to buy it, while it was enough for them to wait a few years for it to be done alone in real life .
We also discover Professor Faxx who is looking to develop a brand new Robocop. She is venal and sleeps with the boss, basically a typical woman of the world of Frank Miller and all in parallel, we see rising power of the new villain of the film Cain and so we find all the biblical elements of the film . Cain getting closer to Jesus becoming the rival of Robocop, the true Jesus of history. In the original scenario Miller calls the original villain Kong for legitimizing a scene at the end of his story where the villain kidnapped Lewis and took him to the top of a tower … Oh subtlety!

In the film it looks like just a junky hippie performed by Tom Noonan who has been known to be more enthusiastic. And in the rest of the henchmen, we have Catzo, a fan of Elvis, who has his own coffin at home and who does not pronounce a single memorable replica of the whole film, we have Nancy, from Twin Peaks, who is still a venal woman, normal, Miller. And Don the kid, played by Gabriel Damon who had made additional votes for Super Baloo and that’s it. It’s a bit cheap as a casting!

In short, for the rest of the story, Robocop is trying to stop the villain alone, he is chopped, he is destroyed and dismembered, and his new version is shown, I quote in a comic montage … Then they reset, happens to motivate the cops to stop the strike, they then return to Cain, Cain is killed and placed in a robot with a super gore operation, while everything was suggested in the first and it was good. Faxx using Cain’s brain, because she had read Mary Shelley too much.

The new robot, called Robocop 2 is then presented in the new OCP tower, decorated with Nazi flags where the OCP symbol replaces the swastika, and whose guards wear uniforms reminiscent of the Hugo Bosse uniforms of the dark period of german history.
Cain is returned and all is well who finished well.

Robocop 2 represents all the defects of a marketing machine too lapped. Stronger, bigger (the movie is 20min longer than the first), too much excesses, too many stupid scenes, including commercials, just there to shock in all directions, without sub-text to enhance the plot.
If the first film was a reference to the world of comics, here the producer is called to a screenwriter from comics, aka Frank Miller at the top of his ego that makes the film a comic actually. Once again he places all his themes dear, folded to the bone, namely:

  • Women are all whores, literally and figuratively;
  • the society only works on sex and drugs (the first advertisement to show a robot for sexual pleasure);
  • Corrupt cop;
  • The perversion of youth (presented by Don, but also by a gang of kids that we see only once, without explanation except that they are bad kids …)

I have nothing against his themes (except the first) but it is sorely lacking in subtlety, everything that does not work in the Spirit of Frank Miller by the way.
If in the first film, we were openly making fun of consumerism here it is the party with product placements! Hello sony walkman and Data East arcade.
The director, Irvin Kershner, who had made Empire Strike Back, who here again wanted to make fun of the fascination of the violence of our society show, but, where did he manage to show that? Personally all I see is that the weapons are toys and that there are even sound effects of cartoons. Yes Robocop has become a cartoon!

There were some interesting tracks, like:

  • the reprogramming of Robocop, which … is useless in the film
  • The acquisition of the city of Detroit by the OCP.
  • The mayor’s attempts to earn money
  • Don who also tries to buy the city but he is stuck by Cain in a picture full of subtlety!
  • The hit of the Nuke that is all the rage but who is here just to mount a new drug that is all the rage
  • Finally there was the reflection on whether Murphy remained a human, but it had been done in the first film

But Robocop here is neither a human nor a robot, it’s just a product.

To be continued…


Part man, Part machine, all cop.
First American movie by Dutch director Paul Verhoeven. Robocop talks about a police robot with a steel spirit at the antipodes of the other robot of the same period.

To occupy my cousins in this Easter weekend, we watched the trilogy and I was able to see if the films were not too old today.
So let’s start with the first one.

The feature film also does not waste time locating the action by starting directly, like any film of Verhoeven that is respected, by a newscast showing us the universe of the film and unveiling the various protagonists. And like any consumerist society, the newspaper is interspersed with fake advertisements. We learn that apartheid has become a civil war in South Africa, that the Star Wars project is still relevant and especially that the company Omni Cartel of Products (OCP), has just privatized the Detroit police. The OCP is obviously a critic of his big company that controls a little everything, a kind of Monsanto. It is run by an old gentleman and Captain Bogomil, from the Beverly Hills Creeks. Their project, shown by a nice camera movement being, within 6 months of starting construction the city of Delta City instead of Detroit.

Bogomil also wants to install its big military robots called ED 209 everywhere to do the dough, except that the robots have a slight design flaw.


Well that’s for the background being located in the near future, in Detroit but as for Robocop, the guy who gives his title to the film, I put you so the topo.
We then follow the story of Alex Murphy, a freshly posted police officer in the West Detroit area. His arrival coincides with the death of another cop killed by the father of the family of That 70’s show. On the way he meets Officer Anne Lewis Allias Nancy Allen and goes in pursuit of an armored van stolen by … ho surprise: the cop killer in question. And because Lewis did not want to wait for the reinforcements and that it is swung overboard because of a lack of inattention, Murphy is chopper and massacre by the big bad Clarence Boddicker. Oh yeah forget Peter Weller, the actor who plays robocop, because the great interest of the film is it! Like a big movie villain, Clarence has the class, he kills for fun and dredges shamelessly, he deals with the hull and out of classy sentences!
Note that even his henchmen are too classy, ​​with the doctor Roman Arrow who had played in season 5 of 24, as well as the vice president of that same season of 24.

In short, while we were doing the presentations, Murphy slaughtered and patched up in in first person view by Miguel Ferrer. In a scene too coo,l we offer him so a vision like in command and conquer videogame series. We also give him 3 rules of robotics:

  • Serve the public trust
  • Protect the innocent
  • Uphold the law

And a hidden last that I will not give you to not spoiler. Like Jesus, so Resuscitated Murphy discovers that he no longer has a wife and child because they have gone out, anyway they are playing very badly, and will forgive our sins by going on a hunt for the wicked. I will not reveal the whole film but it is at this moment that the film of Verhoeven becomes very modern for the time.

Already we are witnessing in a hyper-inlaid blockbuster a very critical film about American society with Verhoeven’s foreign gaze on this country. Whether it’s the television review and the big-screen news with the presenters commenting while smiling at global disasters, the Americans’ fascination with guns in a totally gratuitous destruction sequence with a grenade launcher and let’s not forget also the contributions of screenwriters Edward Mayer and Mickael Miner who themselves manage to make fun of their own movies and Hollywood movies with phrases such as:

« He doesn’t have a name,. He has program. He is product. »

And also emit cults like:
“I buy that for a dollar”
“Your move, creep”

The great quality of Robocop is to include everything that makes the success stories of super hero movie:

  • There is his life in civil life;
  • his beating;
  • his transformation into Judge Dre … into Robocop;
  • And finally his badass entry with epic music in the background.

And the film is not lost in a happy ending end or sentimental history. The Lewis / Murphy relationship remains strictly professional and once the big villain is eliminated, he says, “Murphy” and, generic.

So Robocop the first is a pure masterpiece that has barely aged. well ok, it includes all the clichés of action movies of the 80s with the attacks of supermarkets, the nightclub, cocaine, but also includes all his share of actions, comic scene, parodies, publicity, explosions to make Mickael Bay pale and scenes super cheeky for the time.

In short, Robocop is pretty good and if you have not seen, go for it!

To be continued …