Tonight I, like many women, was again bothered by heavy flirting morons on my way home from work. It was late, no space downstairs so I had to park a bit far. A group of guys cut me off and started blocking me by surrounding me. I got away with it thanks to a passerby who took a can of deodorant out of her bag and made them think it was pepper spray. Thanks to her. Annoyed I wrote these few lines.
It’s not very good but since they exist, post them somewhere.

I wrote this out of emotion. I consider myself a feminist because I want men and women to be equal. In this text, I obviously only talk about toxic men with problematic behaviors.


To people with wombs and those who identify as our sisters, this already hostile world unveils a new darkness.
But with all my heart, I assure you that you are not alone, even if you feel isolated, I assure you that you are not weak, even if you feel discouraged.
If there’s one thing the past few months have taught me, it’s the incredible power of sorority.
We are one and we can overcome anything.

The following is for you. You who behind his screen thinks that I serve the cause by gesticulating. You who play the poor misunderstood artist to camouflage your double lives. You who are offended that a stranger does not consider your whistling as a fucking compliment, or you who believe that your little opinion interests people who have decided to terminate their pregnancy.
From the poor guy terrified of going bald, chasing his victims on Instagram, to the minister who abuses his authority to harass and rape women.
Manipulator, liar, stalker, rapist, predators, you who vampirize our minds and play with our lives, our bodies and our hearts. You push us to our last limits and when our uprising finally comes, you will want your precious hair to line the ground spontaneously.
You will spontaneously wish that your teeth would choke you in your sleep by taking off your shoes.
You will spontaneously wish that your flesh rots relentlessly to the bone and that your flaccid limbs that you venerate so much fall of their own accord.
It’s nothing compared to what we have in store for you. By dint of dispossessing us, we have nothing more to lose.
We are one and we can overcome anything, we are one and you will regret it.

I was really very scared, my knees are still shaking. I’m going to leave you here and I’m going to run myself a nice hot bath.

Take care of yourself and your loved one. See you soon!