Ex-Zodiac a Starfox in 60 fps!

As a child, I often watched my dad and my brother play old game consoles like the Super Nintendo and the Megadrive (Genesis) and among other things they played rail shooters like Starfox and Space Harrier. These are shooting games (shoot them up in back view) in a ship (or with a jetpack for Space Harrier) where although being on a rail you can move all over the screen to avoid shots and aim the enemies.

Later I played it for my own culture with the release of the Snes mini (for Starfox and on emulator on 3ds, later, for Space Harrier) and I admit I got hooked on this little spaceship pilot fox but the game had a flaw for me is that although being a technical feat at the time, the game must run at 20 fps and frankly I who am used to very fluid pc games, I had a lot of trouble staying on the game. Fortunately for me thanks to twitter, I came across a little game that will please all fans and anyone who would like to discover this kind of rail shooter.


From homage to plagiarism, there is only one step, which Ex-Zodiac crosses cheerfully and without complex. However, he does it with such panache that we will gladly forgive him for having so faithfully and scrupulously modeled his excellent models.

For an early access, the quality is surprising, whether it’s the classy realization, the balancing, the handling, or even the adjustment options which already offer the essentials… I take my hat off to this small studio of motivated fans who finally manages very well to reproduce the excellence of the feeling of legendary games of big firms.

The game currently offers 6 main Starfox-style levels, and each of these levels contains a hidden item allowing access to a Space Harrier-style secondary level, which gives a little replayability in addition to the scoring system.

Honestly, I only have minor trifles to complain about, and even as it is, Ex-Zodiac is very well worth its very affordable launch price of €8!

  • I have a joystick that I failed to configure on this game.
  • I would have liked difficulty choices

After all, the game is in early access so these may be things that will be added later.

I haven’t detected any problem serious enough to spoil the pleasure: for me, it’s a little favorite, and an extremely promising early game that is already worth looking into.
A surprisingly clean job that deserves to be rewarded and remunerated, especially given the rather low price demanded for this scoring-oriented rail shooter with excellent replayability potential.