AI portrait with Astria

Today I played with AI. It is called Astria and it allows from a series of photos to create portraits inspired by artists or various graphic universes.

For 5 US dollars, I was able to make about 40 series of portraits. In the heap there are interesting things and others, let’s face it completely missed but sometimes we get some nuggets.

If you try, I suggest you don’t use photos where you smile, AIs currently have a lot of trouble with the representation of teeth and hands.

I will post you some series that I was able to obtain with the successes and the failures. On many I have a distorted face but maybe I didn’t provide enough photos for the AI to work. (I provided 20 where the AI asks for between 4 and 40)
Finally I removed the too daring images. For some reason that I don’t know on certain series I have been represented super sexualized and several times topless…

Here are pre-recorded series that the AI produces automatically without being asked anything:

80’s Portrait:


Woman Fashion Portrait:

The results are pretty good, even very good, but I guess the developers had to work on its terms for a long time and if they offer them as a base, it’s probably because it’s advantageous for the AI, let’s see what that is. gives on personalized topics.

Personalized topics:

Demon Hunter:

As a Diablo fan who can’t wait for Diablo 4, I wanted to try it and here it is, the images are nice but I don’t recognize myself.

Elf Woman:

I wanted to see myself as an elf. When I was talking about hypersexualization rather why am I in my underwear on last one!!!

There is some nice stuffs ans some are really random I think.

Police officer:

Wanna see me as a police woman cause I’ve played a lot to Counter Strike with friends.

I kinda like it.

I think I have been a little too generic in my requests so far so I wonder how the AI would do if I offered it more marked universes by asking it to represent me in universes of films or tv shows.

Nilsa as an actress of cinema?

Blade Runner:

What else than one of my best movie of all time?

I’m a little disappointed with this series. It is a bit random or I dont reconnize myself.

The lord of the rings:

I’ve tried with Game of thrones but the AI juste faceswap me with Emilia Clark so I’ve prefer to post this ones.

Space marines in Alien movie:

I love Alien’s univers in Alien 2 and in Aliens vs Predators video game series so I’ve test it.

There is some default but I found me so badass on those! I love it!

Something that doesn’t work:

I wanted to see if the AI was able to “imagine” me as something other than human, but for the moment it can’t. When I wanted to become a demon he just undressed me. (I don’t know what to think of the fact that to demonize a girl this one undresses her ^^) (there was nude pic on other try so I’ll didn’t post it. ^^’)

Then I wanted to see myself as an angel but I did not have a better result. I tried to stick wings on my back but I’m still looking for them

In the end, this AI is interesting for making avatars for our social networks, but I don’t really see what else it could be used for now.

  • I find that at the time of 4k and soon 8k the images are of very low resolution.
  • The framing is sometimes really rotten. I only provided portraits and I end up with images without my head!
  • I think that for an optimal experience I should have provided as many photos as possible with as many different angles of view as possible, which would have minimized errors, however I don’t know what happened to the images we provided.

If you wanna try it, there is the link:

A trip in Denmark? Go to visit Christiania, the real Wonderland.

In my city of hearts, Copenhagen, there is a unique place in all of Europe, the district of Christiania on the island of Christianshavn.
Christiania is a singular place in the sense where for 40 years it was a self-managed city included in the city of Copenhagen, with its own currency, its laws and its flag.

In 1971, after the destruction of the former military base of Bådsmandsstræde (barracks of the princess in Danish), the journalist Jacob Ludvigsen declared the opening of the “free city”.
The goal was to create a self-managed, financially self-sustaining society where each individual would take care of their neighbor and the entire community, to fight physical and psychological misery.

Founded by Hippies, the district is known for its free sale of cannabis and other culinary specialty containing it. Although hard drugs have always been banned (as well as cars and guns, which is not the case in the rest of the country). their consumption led to banishment (which is always the case). It is this flexibility on recreational products that will cause its end.
Indeed, social experience will have held until 2013, after its special statu was withdrawn by the parliament.

In fact, I advise you not to buy pastries or lollipops, you could have surprises!
The stalls selling cannabis and other products have never really disappeared, it is just forbidden to photograph them.

Christiania is today a very lively and festive district, the houses are colorful, there is many street shows and concerts. Finally, there are many bars, restaurants and theaters at a much more affordable price than in any Copenhagen.
It’s not about drugs (I do not use them), but for all its other aspects Christiania is my Wonderland.

Photoshoot for my Valentine!

Today is Valentine’s Day!
I take this opportunity to share a work that is very personal to me.

I had to illustrate a connection between two people for my art class. I chose complicity. In the photos that I returned he did not only have pictures of couples but also photos with my close friends, but for Valentine’s Day, it would not have made sense that I add them.

From the series in question, I share some very intimate prints for me. I hope with all my heart that it will please you.

“Fordi du er min sol, min måne og alle mine stjerner, elsker jeg dig med hele mit hjerte min smukke uventede.”

I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. And for all single people, I know that this day can be depressed but you will end up finding someone who will suit you. Do not lose hope.