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Creamy white beans soup, smoked sausage and garlic toast!

Last night was a party at my Grandma’s with my sister. Thursday it would have been mom’s birthday so we had a little party between us, we spent the evening looking at old photos and telling old anecdotes. it did me so much good. My mom often made me toast with crushed white beans on […]

A woman tried to throw her hot coffee in my face at dog park!

Ok, that was 1 hours ago. I took Nyx out and took him to the dog park. There, a woman, her companion and their dog were about to enter. Of course Nyx was very happy to meet a new friend. She was like wagging her tail and waiting for that dog to be unleashed, when […]

Sugar Pie in 15 min

Yesterday a family I helped through our Deaf Club whose father is a baker gave us a ton of stale brioche to bake with the kids. Of course, we made a lot of French toast, but I also made a kind of very simple sugar pie with literally 5 minutes of preparation and 10 minutes […]

Ethereal Stories : Alone

Ethereal Stories is a new format that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve been writing stories since I was little, but I’ve always been afraid to share them for fear it won’t be good enough but this time around I made up my mind to give it a go. Ethereal Stories will […]

A Christmas in Nilsa’s family

Yesterday I went for a walk in the forest with grandmother, like every year, it is a tradition for us. The two of us spend a moment talking about anything and everything, taking pictures of the animals we may meet and picking up spruce branches to make our Christmas wreath that night.While pricking my fingers […]

Our Christmas menu

I’m going to sound cliché, especially in this period when you’re overrun with crappy Christmas TV movies (I say that but love it) but it’s been my favorite time of year since I was little. No it’s not because of the freebies but I like the fact that everyone is more or less racking their […]

Chicken pesto filled bread!

Evening at Grands-Pa with friends to play table games. “Zombiecide” and “Mices and Mystics”. For the evening I have prepared a little recipe for the aperitif and I have no idea how to name it yeah! Ingredients : 1 store-bought pizza dough (thick dough) 1 box of pesto 1 tomato (or cherry tomatoes) 150 g […]

Indian vegetable and Chapati

Today I spent the day with Grand Ma where she told me about her desire to write a fantasy novel with me, her heroine being deaf. I thought the idea was great and so we spent the day in front of the fireplace working out the basics of this universe. Maybe I’ll post some preparatory […]

The Wheel of Time

On November 19, a series on Prime Video is released adapting a book series that I love: The Wheel of Time and I am both impatient and at the same time afraid of the result. On the other hand, I found The Witcher cheap on the trailers and I expected the worst but even if […]

Happy Halloween

At the moment I am not very active. I have a little lack of inspiration. I draw quite a bit but I tend not to finish so posting barely sketched sketches, I don’t know if that would be very interesting. I spent my week decorating the street of our little association for today and making […]

Thyme and lemon chicken on a bed of candied potatoes.

Today was party time at our Deaf Club. The founder was celebrating her 72 years and our small association her 30 years (okay it was the 31st but last year with the confinement we could not celebrate it with dignity) and of course I was asked to cook. .. for 54 people! 😅 Well I […]

Rabbit in beer and his honey vegetables.

With the arrival of autumn and the bad days, I wanted to present you a cuddly recipe for myself. My grandpa made it to me when my spirits were low, when I was a child. It’s also a dish that I often make when I eat with my friends, in short I think now it’s […]


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Hi! My name is Nilsa and I’m deaf. I created this blog to talk about deafness but I also talk about cinema and cooking. Recently I also post some stories. I hope you enjoy my blog.
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