Lil bro: Søren

This week I have not been very productive, I fear it, but I have a good reason!

At the moment, my little brother Søren is at home for at least 2 weeks. He’s my half-brother but it makes no difference to me. He is 10 years old and it is so good to see him!
Dad had Søren in one of his essays to rebuild his life, but there was a big argument with his mom. She left when he was 4 years old and since then I’ve only seen him 3 or 4 times.
You will understand that in these conditions I take advantage of my little devil and that my blog is not my priority! ^^
I’m not giving it up but I’m probably going to settle for one article a week rather than two until now.

Dear visitors, I love you! See you soon!

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