The best dessert in the world : The White Lady Crêpe.

Thursday was my grandmother’s birthday, so I made her favorite dessert: The White Lady Crêpe.

Yeah I know, that sounds awesome, but it’s not that hard to do, just a little bit long.

The recipe is in two parts, I advise you to make the first the day before.

First step, making French crêpes :


 • 250g of flour
 • 500 ml of milk
 • 2 tbs of powdered sugar
 • 4 eggs
 • 1 pinch of salt
 • 50g of melted butter

Preparation :

  1. We mix the flour, salt and sugar. We make a well in the middle and pour the eggs into it. Mix gently so that the flour mixes gradually. When it becomes too hard to mix, add the milk gradually until you get a fluid and rather liquid paste (you can add a little more milk if the paste seems too thick). Finally add the melted butter (be careful it should not be hot!)
  2. Now heat a non-stick pan, once it is hot, with a piece of paper towel, oil the pan and then place a ladle of pancake batter there, so as to cover the bottom of the pan with dough film. Once the edge has turned brown, simply flip the pancake.
    For this my tip is to peel off the edges with a wooden spatula and use an inverted plate so as not to drop it.
  3. Continue until the dough is used up.
    With the given quantities, you will have more pancakes than necessary but they can be tasted later with butter and sugar, jam or maple syrup for example.

Second step, the assembly :

This step can be done at the last minute


 • A little powdered sugar
 • Vanilla ice cream (or whatever but it will no longer be a White Lady, I used creme brulee ice cream on the photo.)
 • Slivered almonds
 • Chocolate sauce (recipe at the end of the article) or Nutella
 • Whipped cream


  1. Heat a non-stick pan, pour in a tablespoon of sugar, fold one of your crêpe in 4 and place it in the melted sugar, on one side and then on the other.
  2. Wash your pan and start again for the number of desserts you want to make. (It’s annoying, but if we don’t do this step, the sugar from previous crêpes will become bitter)
  3. Once caramelized, place your crêpes on each dessert plate. A scoop of ice cream on top, then the whipped cream, the flaked almonds just golden in the pan and finally the chocolate sauce!

Tadaaaaaam !!!

For the chocolate sauce recipe :

Melt 100g pastry chocolate and 3 teaspoons caster sugar in a bain-marie. Once melted add fresh cream, until the necessary fluidity is obtained for your sauce (keep in mind that the more cream there is, the more it will be liquid but the less it will taste like chocolate).

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