Paper Mario in July and a Metroid soon?

Yesterday Nintendo, without warning, announced a new Paper Mario for July 17!
I really liked the Paper Mario of the Game Cube and a little less the following episodes but what I saw in the trailer made me want to play it.

I always liked everything that was papercraft, so origami makes my heart beat! (I have to find how to make the little Peach !!!)

The thing that shocked me the most was that for the first time in the series, we would be in an open world with the presence of several cities, and the presence of vehicles suggests that this would be vast.
And then there are dungeons !!! My heart is pounding so hard!

The end of the trailer killed me!
A Metroid teasing.
I discovered the series with the remake of the second opus on 3ds and since then I’m a fan! I did all the episodes on pc with emulation, apart Metroid Prime 3 and there I am, too hyped up. (if I could sew, I would love to cosplay Zero Suit Samus XD)

I doubt that we see Metroid Prime 4 anytime soon since its development had been rebooted not that long ago, but maybe we will soon have a release of Metroid prime trilogy on Switch to wait? *Fingers crossed*

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