My first time with video games!

Thanks to Eric for the music on the video.^^

I had to play video games once or twice before, I think I remember a game of Guitar Hero and Mario Party but it was very rare. It was mostly daddy and my brother who monopolized the console.
The moment I became a gamer was after my accident.

When I left the hospital, following the loss of my hearing and that of my mother, I fell into depression (anorexia, bulimia, black idea …). So I was interned in a “rest home” to help me. The days were long and monotonous. After a few days, Papa brought me a Nintendo DS with 3 games, which made my days in this sinister place: “Mario & Luigi: bowser’s inside story”, “Mario Kart”, but the one on which I spending the most time during my stay was:

Final Fantasy Tactics A2:

It’s a Tactics Rpg, a turn-based game that is very similar to a board game. I think that’s what hooked me at first, then it was the colorful and enchanting world that gave me a lot more.
My playing time was regulated by the medical staff, the fact that the game is composed of multiple small level was very practical. 🥰
I just had time to finish it before going home. A game that I loved, although I have to admit that the story is a little silly, but I think that at the moment I did it, it was exactly what I needed to empty my head.

Since then, I have been transformed into a geek, I developed a particular taste for Nintendo’s portable consoles and I became eager to learn more about video games in general.

And you, how did you become a Gamer?

8 thoughts on “My first time with video games!

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  2. Always nice to remember those things with nostalgia, even if in your case, it wasn’t a happy situation but it helped you and made you think about different things.
    Funny because I rarely play on Nintendo’s consoles, actually, I have a DS somewhere (don’t remember where…), a Wii (with only 2 games haha) and a WiiU bought last summer for cheap, just for one or two games, but almost haven’t played it.
    Days are too short to play all the games you want, plus watch all the films you want, and do all the things you want.
    I don’t really remember my first time with video games, I think I was very young and it was with the Gameboy, basically because my mother was often at work and I was often alone at home, so she gave me one. I have more memories when she offered me for Christmas the Nintendo 64, probably in 1996 or 1997, I was 10 or 11, and I’ve got Super Mario 64 and Turok Dinosaur Hunter with it. The year after, I’ve got Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, and I think that was the game that really got me into it. But after this, I mainly played on Playstation.
    Now, I play when I can and have the motivation. I played a lot earlier this year, but it’s been 2 weeks now, I just don’t want to haha.

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    1. I mainly play on a portable console to play on public transport, otherwise it is true that I do not have too much time. When I have a little time, I play multiplayer games on pc. Mainly in Dota 2 because I don’t really need my hearing there (and I love this game) and I also play Counter Strike (hearing is important, so I play it more by challenge!)

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      1. Yeah it makes perfect sense in that case. I barely take the public transport, just walking so portable might be a little difficult for me. True many games use sounds to warn the players of a danger, or to prepare a gameplay element, and without it, could be hard.
        You could play Country Strike against me and always win… I suck with a keyboard haha !

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