Knock Down the beards!

Today, I got up with a sore throat so I went to the doctor. My usual generalist being on vacation, I was received for a substitute doctor.

When he picked me up in the waiting room, I realized it was going to be complicated. I found myself in front of a Zztop! Ok I’m exaggerating but he was wearing a very long beard, and god know that I hate big beards! Okay, if they are well maintained, I find it rather sexy but, too long beards are the worst enemy of deaf people. Indeed, they hide too much facial features and prevents us from reading on the lips.
Of course he did not speak sign language, it would have been too practical.
To communicate, he did everything in writing, and doctors were not famous for their calligraphy, and he did not break the rule, it was a work of Sisyphus to understand him.

He examined my throat and gave me a prescription. I hoped to be able to leave quickly, but that nay, here he asks me about my deafness and then brings out all his talk about implants, associations …, as if I was newly deaf or I’m not was never asking the question.
I do not know if, for the deaf people who follow me, it has happened to you already, but personally I have the impression that every time I meet a new doctor, I’m entitled to it every time! ^^ ‘†


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