A good joke: A phone call when you are deaf.

Today, in my bus I received a phone call, coming from my school … Strangely, I could not answer.

I found myself a little stupid to see my phone ring without being able to pick up and see at the end of the ringtones the small logo indicating a voice message. Maybe I’m a little crazy, but I imagined everything and anything in this message. I told myself that for the person to call me without having thought about my condition, it was because she had to do it in an emergency and / or stress and I ended up imagining the worst . I thought back to mom and how daddy felt when he learned about our accident. A ball of anxiety is set to twist my bowels, very quickly I thought something had happened to a member of my family. So I started sending messages to my dad, my sister, my brother, my boy friend and all the rest of my repertoire. But their answers took sooo… long to arrive that the time of my trip, I was on the verge of panic, on the verge of tears.

As I passed the door of the establishment, I felt a hand on my shoulder, a hand that made me jump. It was my friend Pia, what a relief! I was able to ask her to listen to this damn message. It was a message from management asking me to call them back to give them information about my year abroad in September … Call them back , the good joke.

I was so upset! Annoyed to have had these terrifying thoughts …
After having a coffee to calm down a bit, I went to see the secretary in question.

“Miss Hensen? You had to call us back.
_But Madam, I am deaf!
_A close friend could not do it for you?
_Yes I’m deaf but I’m not impotent, if I can regulate my business by myself, I do not see why I annoy my entourage … “

No excuse, nothing, I thought I was going to gut her.

On the number of students they have contacted, I can understand that we are wrong or that we do not see that someone is deaf in the heap, but recognize his mistake and a word of excuse, it does not cost much, to appease the tensions …

What made my blood boil is his astonishment about not asking a loved one to call her back for me.
To have a disability is already something complicated to live in everyday life, for us or our relatives. We spend our life learning to be as autonomous as possible. The few times we have to call a third party to do something that is impossible for us, it’s humiliating, so please do not count on the fact that we can be helped to do this. or something just to make your life easier. Here the problem simply will not exist if I had been contacted by SMS as it has always been done since my deafness, even in this school.

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