I’m so happy!!!!!!!!

I just learned by SMS that this weekend, my big brother, Jesper comes to visit us, I’m all excited!!! See how everyone has turned to me, I think even shouted in class … (oops!)
It’s been more than a year since I’ve seen him since his move to Cologne, Germany with his mom. We’re 2 years apart, and he always used that excuse to play the leader, but he was never the last to do silly things, I wonder if, he has been weakening since. I hope not too much! ^^’

He comes accompanied, he wants to introduce someone, and make him discover Denmark, it is surely his new “soul mate”, I think the last was called Clauss, or Julia, he changes all 2 months, hard to follow! Finally for him to make the trip to present him or her to us is that it must be serious and it makes me very happy! I can not wait to meet him or her!

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