A weekend just for me!

This weekend my dad is with his girlfriend and my boyfriend with his mom for the Mother’s Day. So… I was alone at home.

I needed to think of something else. Mother’s Day is always a delicate moment for me and my sister.
So, I put something comfy, (in general, I like to be well dressed, but sometimes it feels good to wear something comfortable and leave the makeup in his toilet bag, well in fact it is more a suitcase, than a toilet bag, Haha!) and after cleaning and finishing my book for school, I spent all my time on Dota 2, finally when my little fluffy ball does not stop me. >. <

Fortunately for me the Compendium is out. To put it simply, it is an object to buy that gives challenges to make in exchange for cosmetics for the game. And this year there is so much to do!

In short, I had a good time. If you want to play with me you can add me on steam. ^^


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