Part man, Part machine, all cop.
First American movie by Dutch director Paul Verhoeven. Robocop talks about a police robot with a steel spirit at the antipodes of the other robot of the same period.

To occupy my cousins in this Easter weekend, we watched the trilogy and I was able to see if the films were not too old today.
So let’s start with the first one.

The feature film also does not waste time locating the action by starting directly, like any film of Verhoeven that is respected, by a newscast showing us the universe of the film and unveiling the various protagonists. And like any consumerist society, the newspaper is interspersed with fake advertisements. We learn that apartheid has become a civil war in South Africa, that the Star Wars project is still relevant and especially that the company Omni Cartel of Products (OCP), has just privatized the Detroit police. The OCP is obviously a critic of his big company that controls a little everything, a kind of Monsanto. It is run by an old gentleman and Captain Bogomil, from the Beverly Hills Creeks. Their project, shown by a nice camera movement being, within 6 months of starting construction the city of Delta City instead of Detroit.

Bogomil also wants to install its big military robots called ED 209 everywhere to do the dough, except that the robots have a slight design flaw.


Well that’s for the background being located in the near future, in Detroit but as for Robocop, the guy who gives his title to the film, I put you so the topo.
We then follow the story of Alex Murphy, a freshly posted police officer in the West Detroit area. His arrival coincides with the death of another cop killed by the father of the family of That 70’s show. On the way he meets Officer Anne Lewis Allias Nancy Allen and goes in pursuit of an armored van stolen by … ho surprise: the cop killer in question. And because Lewis did not want to wait for the reinforcements and that it is swung overboard because of a lack of inattention, Murphy is chopper and massacre by the big bad Clarence Boddicker. Oh yeah forget Peter Weller, the actor who plays robocop, because the great interest of the film is it! Like a big movie villain, Clarence has the class, he kills for fun and dredges shamelessly, he deals with the hull and out of classy sentences!
Note that even his henchmen are too classy, ​​with the doctor Roman Arrow who had played in season 5 of 24, as well as the vice president of that same season of 24.

In short, while we were doing the presentations, Murphy slaughtered and patched up in in first person view by Miguel Ferrer. In a scene too coo,l we offer him so a vision like in command and conquer videogame series. We also give him 3 rules of robotics:

  • Serve the public trust
  • Protect the innocent
  • Uphold the law

And a hidden last that I will not give you to not spoiler. Like Jesus, so Resuscitated Murphy discovers that he no longer has a wife and child because they have gone out, anyway they are playing very badly, and will forgive our sins by going on a hunt for the wicked. I will not reveal the whole film but it is at this moment that the film of Verhoeven becomes very modern for the time.

Already we are witnessing in a hyper-inlaid blockbuster a very critical film about American society with Verhoeven’s foreign gaze on this country. Whether it’s the television review and the big-screen news with the presenters commenting while smiling at global disasters, the Americans’ fascination with guns in a totally gratuitous destruction sequence with a grenade launcher and let’s not forget also the contributions of screenwriters Edward Mayer and Mickael Miner who themselves manage to make fun of their own movies and Hollywood movies with phrases such as:

« He doesn’t have a name,. He has program. He is product. »

And also emit cults like:
“I buy that for a dollar”
“Your move, creep”

The great quality of Robocop is to include everything that makes the success stories of super hero movie:

  • There is his life in civil life;
  • his beating;
  • his transformation into Judge Dre … into Robocop;
  • And finally his badass entry with epic music in the background.

And the film is not lost in a happy ending end or sentimental history. The Lewis / Murphy relationship remains strictly professional and once the big villain is eliminated, he says, “Murphy” and, generic.

So Robocop the first is a pure masterpiece that has barely aged. well ok, it includes all the clichés of action movies of the 80s with the attacks of supermarkets, the nightclub, cocaine, but also includes all his share of actions, comic scene, parodies, publicity, explosions to make Mickael Bay pale and scenes super cheeky for the time.

In short, Robocop is pretty good and if you have not seen, go for it!

To be continued …

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