Follow me in Italy

I have always wanted to see Italy and although it is planned for me I do not realize yet to realize that I am here. We left Aarhus with friends by bus to cross Europe from top to bottom to reach Manarola and the trip was very long. Fortunately there is no real time difference or I think I will have spent my week sleeping … even if these 19 hours of travel have really tired me.

Pia, me and Aneth!

Saturday (Lørdag)

Once arrived in Manarola at noon, after a sandwich, my first reaction was to go to the beach followed by Pia and Aneth, the others went to visit museums or slept in their cozy beds.
Whenever I see the Mediterranean, I am always surprised by its calm and lack of waves, it is not here that I would become champion of surfing! But on the other hand no need to wonder if the tide is high or not, which is very pleasant.

My girlfriends sunbathing, I spent a long time walking barefoot on the wet sand to imagine the sound of “waves” crashing on the sand. I was even swimming in front of the astonished air of the few people around. He had to find the sea too cold for them, but when one is used to swimming in the Øresund, the Mediterranean is quite hot, no matter what time of the year, in short what a bunch of chicks! (Øresund is a strait between Denmark and
Sweden or shallow depth makes summer hot enough for swimming).
When I found my towel to take advantage of the sun’s rays to dry me, we were joined by two boys who had to speak in Italian or if it was English, they spoke too fast so that I could understand them. In any case they smelled beer.
At first, it seemed to be okay, I even saw Dais laugh at one of their jokes, being the only one of us three to speak Italian, then we’ll say they became a little too enterprising. When one of them put his hand on my thigh and tried to kiss me, I stuck such a slap that mine was painful until the next day. They started to get upset, but thank god, passersby interposed, and we cowardly eclipsed without asking for our rest.
For the evening we wander through the city center and we joined our friends on the terrace of a restaurant where I ate the best carbonara pasta of all my life. It was orgasmic!

Sunday (Søndag)

We rented a car and, tight as we were all Seven, we visited Pisa and its famous tower.

Then in the evening towards Florence, the city with a thousand statues and its horse cars apparently, horse wearing a cap! o.O (Maybe it’s like blinders, a way to calm them in the middle of the crowd?)

Monday (Mandag)

I woke up early and could not go back to sleep, so I put on my sneakers for a short morning jog. On the way I met another jogger named Flavia, she invited me to have a coffee and I took some time to understand that she was making me advances. It was the first time a girl was flirting openly with me. Or I had not paid attention before, I’m pretty bad for that. With Eric, it took me 3 weeks to understand that he had feelings for me! >. <
I felt so stupid, both embarrassed and flattered. I recognize that she was very beautiful, but I’m not sure that it would have pleased Erick, or rather, it would have liked, but it’s all the more disturbing … ^^ ‘
Anyway she took it well and we still had a good time. Back at the hotel, have a good shower and go shopping with the girls.

In the afternoon we went on guided tours of museums. I could not follow anything because in a crowd it is very difficult for me to know who is speaking and when to read on the lips, but the paintings and sculptures were sublime.

Tuesday (Tirsdag)

Arrival in Rome and visit monuments and ruins. It’s always fascinating to see all these places full of history. There was a kindly french woman around 60 who has understood that I’m deaf and has explain me what the guide told us.

And we noticed that Romans have a sense of humor

Wednesday (Onsdag)

In the evening we went to see the Vatican. I do not know if I’m still a believer or not, I’ve been, but let’s say that I and my faith are a little angry for a few years. But it was important for many members of our group and we must recognize that churches and other buildings are beautiful.

Thursday (Torsday)

On the way to Venice, my favorite. This is my second time in this sublime city. The atmosphere is always magical with its canals and gondolas. ❤
I have a little heartache that Eric could not accompany me.

Thanks to Aneth for those pics! I wanna show you more photos of Venice but I’have broke my phone cable! 😥

Friday (Fredag)

Last day in Italy, I write these lines at the terrace of our last restaurant.

I just ate octopus for the first time (it was a bet!), and it was awful! It was rubbery, without real taste, and all those suction cup… Yurk!. A contrario (yeah I speak Italian now… well no not at all.) the coffee was so good and tasty!

Now we will go to the airport to take our fly to leave this paradise and return to our lives with a certain sadness but many beautiful memories! And personally, I miss my father and I cant wait to pass this weekend with my family for this Easter week end (OK it is for the chocolate!) and also I cant wait to find my darling’s arms to sleep 24 hours in a row!
I hope this article will please you!

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