A week in my deaf life

Monday (Mandag):

I wake up thanks to the vibrator on my phone. I gently release the arm that surrounds my waist and head to the bathroom. Shower, dressing, makeup. And I go down to prepare the breakfast with Kælen one of our cat.

Yeah I know it’s not very feminist to always cook but if you had tasted that of my boyfriend, you too you beg him not to approach the stove! (Or you would eat cereals morning, noon and night).

I set the table when I feel something settle on my hips. It made me jump and spilled fruit juice everywhere. At least this time it was not hot coffee. Fortunately for him, he knows very well to be forgiven … Alas this time I have no time! 😦 A little kiss, and I go to my classes by bike, often joined by Pia, my best friend who studies in the same school.

At 5 pm I join Erik (my boyfriend) at the dance school, for 2 hours of suffering!

7 pm arrive we go home. I open the fridge where I moan for not having had time to go shopping (as usual!). And yes the shops closes between 6 and 7 pm. We order so to eat, tonight it’s pizza and in general we slouched on the sofa in front of Netflix before going to bed, but not tonight. We had something to finish … 😏

Tuesday (Tirsdag):

This morning, same ritual as the previous day with the aches and more.
At noon, having two hour break, I decide to eat with my aunt who works nearby, with hes best friend who keeps complimenting me on my physique. It’s good for morals, but being a lesbian I’m not sure it’s done innocently.

tonight, I have art classes. With a teacher difficult to understand because he always talks back to his students. Fortunately, I’m sitting next to a girl who has become one of my best friends, who takes all her time to explain me the instructions (😘 Freja). A perspective course that would have been very complicated without her precious help.

Go to the bathroom to remove my war paintings. Indeed I do not know what I did to him but the painting always attacks me and I finish with spots everywhere and sometimes in unsuspected places. 🤬

Once the battle is won 💪, return home became clean thanks to my dear and tender.
I must say that I have tamed him well! 😈
He got tired of me vacuuming in the middle of the night. Being deaf means that I do not realize how much noise I can make around me, even if I try to be careful.

Wednesday (Onsdag):

I only have two hours of lessons so my sweetheart comes looking for me to go to Strøget, usually accompanied by Pia and Freja.
Strøget is a pedestrian shopping street ideal for window shopping, one of my favorite activities and also normal shopping a much less attractive but very necessary activity if you do not want to eat pizza all week, you will agree .

This afternoon, we were joined by friends of Erik and then we went to my grandfather (maternal side). He wanted to test a new recipe for a future pastry contest. It was so good. Then we spent our time playing role playing games (right now it’s Call of Cthulhu) And yes my boyfriend is a geek and we all fell in. It has become a tradition. Grandpa has become addict. he often make us cupcakes on the theme of the actual game.🤤 

Thursday (Torsdag):

It’s about the same as Monday, but with fewer complaints, indeed, the fridge is full! In the evening, preparing my stuff for the weekend, then I geek on the pc where I ridicule noobs on DoTA 2. 😝

Friday (Fredag):

This morning I normally have a music course but I’m exempt so I take the opportunity to see Pia at her drama class. I do not understand anything, but I know she’s shy, and this time she’s got a big role in her piece, so I support her!

In the evening, 2 hours of dancing, a shower and I am driving to the station to catch the train. I hate the stations! Indeed I do not hear the announcements made at the microphone in the station itself, but also in the trains. It has the gift of making me stress like not possible when there is an unexpected. (train arriving late, abnormal stop …). A big hug to my dear on the dock to try to delay as much as possible this separation.

Finally sitting on the train, I take the opportunity to do my homework and / or write, my diary.

3 hours later I arrive in Århus, at my dad’s, with about 180 kg of linen rooms. Hey yes the first thing I do when I arrive is to wash my clothes, we save as we can!

Going up from the basement where the washing machine is, a smell of food carries me into the kitchen, where my dad prepares pasta Bologna to fall to the ground. I take advantage of his head in the spice cupboard to try to poke a meatball in the pan before receiving a wooden spoon hit on the hand. Damn, miss!

Finally, we spend the evening telling our week. Tonight he’s telling me about his girlfriend Kirsten and that he would like me to meet her. I knew he had met someone, he had already gone out with other women but this time it becomes serious. I admit that it makes me a little heartache, even if I’m happy for him.(Last time I saw him with some one it was my mom) He planned to introduce me the next day during our weekly lunch with grandpa and granny (paternal side).

Saturday (Iørdag):

When I wake up, I put on my sportswear and go for my usual bike ride. I went to buy flowers and when I came back I went to the cemetery. to put it on my mom’s grave, as I usually do for praying and speaking to her about my life.
On my return, after a good shower, I help dad to cook, I love those moments where we do not even need to talk to understand each other. I help him to get dressed, the poor guy is all stressed. The doorbell flashes (the doorbell is connected to bulbs in the house so I know when someone is at the door), I thought he was going to make a panic attack. I began to giggle, never had I seen dad so uncomfortable. To calm him down, I told him that for my part, I found it normal that he wanted to remake his life and that for him to get into such a state, this woman had to be really special to him.
After these wise words I am going to open. False alert, it was “only” grandpa and grandma. Granny who always basins me of indiscreet questions about my couple and grandpa who always saves me the setting by diverting the conversation on everything and anything. The bell is blinking once again, this time it’s up to me to get nervous.

A pretty blonde woman in her forties is holding me, I understand better why he wanted to make her a good impression …
And then she starts talking and there is the drama!


She begins to speak by detaching all the syllables, as we will speak to a baby. Noob error.
I kindly explain that yes I’m deaf but she could talk to me normally, it was easier for me to understand. Once this clumsiness is repaired, I invite her to enter.

At the table, we talked about banalities, and grandma bombarded her with questions. I was almost embarrassed for her.

Hard to know a person in one evening, but she made me feel good. Intelligent, a little shy but with a certain sense of humor. I think I like her!

Sunday (Søndag):

This morning I went to meet a family whose little boy is losing hearing. One of my neighbor put us in contact so that I can explain to them how this is the life of a deaf person every day.
We talked about implant, sign language, readings on the lips, my daily life. In the first place they seemed tense, but I think I managed to reassure them.

Noon, back home, daddy is not here but I’m a little hungry. Instant inspection of the drawer fronts. Epic loot: a box of pasta and a can of peeled tomatoes!

Meanwhile dad, I grab the notepad and draw (scribble) a bird that is placed in the garden.

Once Dad returned, we finally go to the table. Well my tramp was not bad!

It’s 2 pm I’m impatient in front of the PC! Video conference with my older sister who lives abroad.

I prepare my suitcase and return to the station to catch the train of 17 hours. I take the 3 hour trip to write you these lines.
My goal, when I started writing Monday, my idea was to describe the daily life of a deaf person, but I did not think that such a personal event would happen, but hey I still played the game.

I’m sorry, but put by that my life is not very exciting, on the other hand it allows you to see, it’s not because I’m deaf that I do not have a social life or normal life. I play sports, paint and even dance.
Losing hearing is not the end of the world. Of course learning to fend for yourself is work (learn to read on the lips, sign language, …) but we can do it. To reach a normal life is not an impossible goal.

5 thoughts on “A week in my deaf life

  1. Donc, tu peins, tu étudies l’art, tu fais de la danse, tu cuisines, tu joues sur PC, tu dessines, Ton nombre d’activité à la semaine me fait déprimer comparé à ma petite semaine haha. Je suis souvent tellement fatigué par le travail que ça se limite souvent pour ma part à me poser devant un film ou un jeu, 90% du temps, sauf quand j’ai la chance de pouvoir enfin lancer un projet.
    Merci de ce petit aperçu de ta vie de tous les jours en tout cas. Bon courage du coup par avance pour la danse ce soir 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah oui forcément, avec tout ce qui s’est passé récemment. Désolé, j’ai un peu tendance à l’oublier, la vie de tout le monde a été un peu chamboulée et mise en pause récemment. Du coup, tu as plus de temps pour toi et tes occupations personnelles 🙂


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