For girls (or boys) who would wonder how it goes a photo shoot!

Beforehand, it is not recommended to drink coffee, tea or eat a salad or a chocolate just before of course. Depending on the occasion, it is best to plan several outfits and arrive with little or no makeup. If you are not good at putting on make-up, usually a professional make-up artist is present, this service being paid for in the shooting package.

A photo shoot can take place in a studio, or outdoors. We first agree on what we want to do, or what would the person who ordered the photo shoot. Then there is the makeup session and the show can finally begin.

During the shoot, the photographer guide us with his personal advice, invites us to take certain poses and serve us available accessories. The whole is trying to show relaxed as possible and let go.

There are many reasons to do a photo shoot, even for everyone:
     • It may, of course, be to create beautiful memories, for all kinds of occasions;
     • To have a picture of CV ultra pro;
     • Like to share, for a wedding or a birth;
     • As a gift for a loved one.

For me it was therapeutic. At 11, I had a serious car accident in which I lost my mother and who made me deaf. For several years I locked myself, and then one day, I had to be 14 years old, a friend of the family (who is a photographer) asked me to pose for her. It allowed me to regain some confidence in me to surpass myself.

To pose in front of someone and letting go is a difficult step to take, but with a photographer who makes us comfortable from the start, we can make it happen, have a great time and put aside his shyness.

PS: Tak far for videoen! ❤ ^^

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